Are you on top of your AFSL monitoring obligations?

Gain visibility of potential compliance breaches and operational risks in real time with our new Key Risk Indicator Solution.

With KRIS, you are alerted to any issues in real time so they can be addressed directly from your customised dashboard. 

Administrators can create alerts based on indicators of possible issues and their tolerance levels, and monitor these on a daily or real-time basis. When a breach is identified the adviser is alerted so they can address the issue.

Why choose KRIS?

$0 Implementation

There is no set-up cost or effort required to get started with KRIS.

Real Time Alerts

Advisors and licensees receive real time alerts for potential compliance issues.

Simple and Intuitive

KRIS uses data already entered in AdviceOS and displays alerts in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Customisable Alerts

Define custom alerts based on the data that matters most to your AFSL.

How it Works


Midwinter identifies a series of possible breaches that can be identified based on application usage.


An administrator selects which of these breaches the licensee would like to monitor and can specify a tolerance and owner.


Breaches are scanned overnight or in real-time.


Where a breach is identified, an alert is raised to the owner. The owner can rectify the issue, create a task or add a comment and close the alert.


All alerts are available to the compliance team for review, monitoring and/or action.

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