Insurance Module

Compare insurance policies and determine the best insurance product for your client while also meeting your best interests’ duty.

The Insurance module helps you quickly run comprehensive insurance comparisons and analysis.

Needs Analysis

Midwinter’s Needs Analysis tool helps you easily calculate a recommended life, TPD, trauma and income protection insurance level for your clients.

Using Needs Analysis you can access insurance data (premiums and features) based on the insurance products selected, including comparisons and charts outlining the benefits of each product.

Insurance Comparator

Compare features and pricing of insurance products in real time with the powerful AdviceOS Insurance Comparator.

Insurance Comparator leverages Rice Warner’s Galaxy Risk Insurance Engine (Galaxy) – a state of the art engine providing a rich source policy data for retail, group and legacy insurance products and an up to date and reliable API.

The tool analyses the differences between policies and calculates the premiums to help advisers rationalise costs versus features. This is designed to improve and simplify your overall decision-making process and the accuracy of quotes when it comes to identifying best-fit insurance products for clients.

Insurance Comparator integrates directly with the Needs Analysis tool.

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